Global player in Amsterdam

In 30 years, DRS has grown from the real estate agent of Greater Amsterdam into a global player in the Netherlands and far beyond.

A keen eye for your opportunities

DRS has a good nose for opportunities and a keen eye for the best deal. We are committed to your interests. Creative, alert and involved.

The all-round real estate specialist

You are warmly welcome at DRS for all things real estate. Whether you are a global player or looking for your very first office.

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In the 33 years of DRS's existence, all of Amsterdam's commercial real estate has already passed through our hands.

Because of this, we not only know all the backgrounds and histories behind each property, but also the people behind the scenes. The buyers and sellers, the tenants and investors.

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Back to Breakfast

It's allowed again! A very succesful breakfast event with an Asian touch at the Olifant on the Keizersgracht in Amsterdam. The transformation of an iconic canal house into the office of the future. The building with the most windows on the canals will be completed this summer. Interested to visit? Always welcome! Please contact us at 020 640 52 52.

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DRS advises Quadoro on the purchase of office space on Provincialeweg 33 in Zaandam

DRS has advised Quadoro Investment GmbH with the purchase of approx. 5,110 sq.m. office space located at Provincialeweg 33 in Zaandam. We would like to thank Quadoro - and Kuijs Reinder Kakes as advisor to the owner - for the cooperation.

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DRS Real estate agents

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The DRS Rental team knows the property market like no other. We see unique opportunities where others don’t. And because we understand your requirements and wishes, we can close the deal with lightning speed.


To the DRS Rental team, your real estate is more than just a pile of bricks and mortar and a string of metres. We study the perfect match between you and your tenants. And we guarantee a maximum yield and an optimal relationship.

Purchasing and sales

Our absolute specialisation is and remains the purchasing and sales of real estate. We are happy to assist you in these often complex processes. Solid and creative. Based on unrivalled experience.


DRS is always expanding its frontiers,including when it comes to investment property. Being part of an international network of specialists, we increasingly see great opportunities for our clients at home and abroad.


DRS has not just a feel for real estate, but also for its value. A combination of the utmost knowledge of the market and a perfectly developed instinct for the direction in which it will develop.

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