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Office space for rent or sale in Amsterdam



DRS Leasing is thé creative and energetic office space consultant for companies in the Greater Amsterdam area and also operates on a national level. The business of the individual company are the starting point. Each project is different, each path requires a customized approach. DRS has extensive experience in various sectors and knows the needs of the individual company. The consultants of DRS offer a total package in which the following components are an integral part of the services:

Decision-making model based on actual costs over the entire (new) contract duration and existing contracts.
  • Commercial negotiating with the strength and experience of an all-round advisor
  • Preparation Schedule of Requirements, "The new way of working", travel- and parking behavior, ICT needs, durability combined with actual energy costs etc.
  • Technical content and delivery; DRS Construction and Project Management
  • Closing: securing of commercial arrangements.


Your property requires attention. DRS Letting is as office and commercial property specialist perfectly equipped to achieve the optimum results from your commercial real estate in Greater Amsterdam. The difference in the rental market is made by a perfect alignment between supply and demand through the right sourcing approach of and prospective tenants. Hereby DRS is working actively the market from its network and knowledge and use of traditional and non-traditional marketing combined with active and personal selling. Binding the tenant of today to your property is our challenge day by day.


DRS Investments has got a specialized international team which focuses on real estate investments in the Netherlands and Germany. Through its broad (inter-) national network of private and institutional investors combined with local real estate knowledge DRS is successful in buying and selling transactions.


In the purchasing process for professional real estate investors the advice stretches itself to the identification of opportunities, the commercial negotiation, until the structuring and (re-) financing the deal.


DRS has extensive experience in the organization, execution and successful completion of (structured) sales processes for various clients and various propositions. The objective is the optimization of price and terms. From our professionalism, creativity and knowledge from multiple disciplines (rental, capital and financing market), with each assignment we command for best results.


DRS Valuations is the specialist for the valuation of your commercial property. Based on the transaction values ​​and developments in the current market and from the knowledge network of DRS we work on assignments. We perform for instance: property tax valuations, balance sheet valuations, rental value valuations, sale and purchase valuations.


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