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Today’s advertisement in Het Financieele Dagblad, page 4!


To perform brilliantly, just working together is not enough.
You have to be together. Laugh and discuss together. Feeling each other out, catching unexpected inspiration and taking a concept to the next level.
Challenging each other and passing the ball to each other.
This is the only way to get the best ideas and the best results.
But this collaborative workplace has to be special.
And perfectly suited to the requirements of you and your people.
Ready for the future. Flexible, safe, but also warm and natural.
What does that look like? DRS has already thought about it.
Let’s get together.

Recently DRS advised many great companies such as N=5, Just Eat Takeaway.com, De Nederlandsche Bank, Parfumado, but also Ace & Tate, Catawiki, Aeves Groep, Ysquare, Rubio Impact Ventures, Deskfinder and Company.info. From growing to mega large.

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